Poo Pourri Girls Don’t Poop

PooPourri, a toilet odor company based in Texas, USA, has hit the viral charts with “Girls Don’t Poop”, a 2:16 minute infomercial featuring Scottish actress Bethany Woodruff. The PooPourri girl appears in a public toilet, at the office party, the boyfriend’s apartment and on a dairy farm with the cows, touting the marvels of the PooPourri odor remover. “You would not believe the motherload I just dropped. And that’s how I like to keep it – leaving not a trace that I was ever here let alone that I just birthed a creamy behemoth from my cavernous bowels”. The Youtube video has had over 5 million views since its launch on September 11.

PooPourri Girl in Public Toilet

PooPourri Girl on Office Toilet
PooPourri Girl on Party Toilet
PooPourri Girl on Boyfriend's Toilet
PooPourri Girl on Toilet with Cows
PooPourri Girl on Toilet with Flowers

Girls Don’t Poop Credits

The Poo Pourri Girls Don’t Poop campaign was created by Daniel and Jeffrey Harmon partnering with PooPourri founders Suzy and Hector Batiz, and Dustin Vaughn.

The Youtube video was produced by director/writer Joel Ackerman, copywriter/artist Daniel Harmon, copywriter Jeffrey Harmon, producer Tess Kelly, director of photography/editor/animator Tel Stewart, artist Nicole Story, motion tracking artist Zak Ciotti, producer Tess Kelly, costume stylist Nicole Story, makeup and hair stylist Michelle Miles, gaffers Tyler Stevens and Kelsie Moore, set construction team Jonas Sappington and Dallin Blankensip.