Geico Happier Than Hump Day

Geico has released a “Hump Day”, a new instalment in the “Geico Happier Than” series of television commercials launched in 2012. A happy camel in the office on Hump Day (Wednesday) joins the Pillsbury Doughboy on his way to a baking convention, Dracula volunteering at a blood drive, Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot, a body builder Kali Muscle directing traffic, Christopher Columbus with speedboats, a witch in a broom factory, Paul Revere with a cell phone, an antelope with night vision goggles, Eddie Money running Paradise in a travel agency, a slinky on an escalator, and Leo Gallagher with a sledgehammer and watermelons at a farmers market. Jimmy and Ronny continue the question and answer routine. “Ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to GEICO?” “I’d say happier than a camel on Wednesday.” Download the Hump Day ringtones at

Geico Happier Than Hump Day Camel

Geico Happier Than Credits

The Geico Happier Than campaign was developed at The Martin Agency by chief creative officer Joe Alexander, creative director Wade Alger, group creative director Steve Bassett, art director Sean Riley, senior copywriter Ken Marcus, executive agency producer Molly Souter, agency producers Samantha Tucker and Emily Tucker, strategist Melissa Cabral, account team Brad Higdon, Parker Collins, Carter Crenshaw and Susan Karns

Filming for Hump Day and Dough Boy was shot by director Wayne McClammy via Hungry Man with director of photography Tim Ives, producer Nate Young and executive producer Mino Jarjoura.

Filming for “Night Vision”, “Gallagher”, “Paul Revere”, “Christopher Columbus”, “Eddie Money”, “Slinky” was shot by Jim Jenkins by O-Positive with director of photography Ottar Gudnason, producer Ralph Laucella and production supervisor Fran Borden.

Editors were Ian MacKenzie and Dave Koza at Mackenzie Cutler.

Doughboy animation was produced at Topix by creative director Steven Hollman and senior producer Christina Lord.

Visual effects were produced at The Mill by executive producer Jo Arghiris, VFX producer Colin Blaney, shoot supervisor Tony Robins, 2D lead artist Randy McEntee, 3D lead artist Kevin Ives, 2D artist Rob Meade, 3D artists Ross Scroble , Sam Crees, Ajit Menon, Billy Dangyoon Jang, Xuan Seifert, Wyatt Savarese, Hassan Taimur, Josh Merck, Justin Diamond, and colourist Fergus McCall.

Sound was designed at Rainmaker Studios by sound engineer Jeff McManus. The “Happier Than” theme song was by Adam Schlesinger.