Galaxy and Audrey Hepburn return to 1950s

Mars is promoting Galaxy chocolate in the UK and Europe with a television commercial featuring a CGI version of actor Audrey Hepburn. The new ad revives the brand’s classic strap line, “Why have cotton when you can have silk?”, and aims to remind consumers of the superior taste and texture of GALAXY® chocolate. The 60 second ad will be supported by an additional 30 second ad, press, sampling, digital activation and PR running nationally from the 24th February 2013.

Audrey Hepburn on bus in Galaxy chocolate ad

Set in the 1950s on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the ad shows Audrey Hepburn sitting on a crowded bus, wondering when she’ll be able to indulge in her GALAXY® chocolate bar. A car pulls up alongside the bus and she catches the handsome driver’s eye – she seizes the opportunity to leave the bus to recline in the luxurious back seat of the open top car where she enjoys her GALAXY®. As they drive into the distance, the endframe reminds viewers that with its silky, smooth taste, GALAXY® is a pleasure worth taking.


The Audrey Hepburn campaign was developed at AMV BBDO, London, by creative directors Andy Booth and Jim Seath, agency producers Yvonne Chalkley and Kate Jenner.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Kleinman via Rattling Stick, London, with producer Johnnie Frankel. Editor was Eve Ashwell at Cut + Run.

Post production was done at Framestore, London, by producer Helen Hughes, assistant producer James Alexander, colourist Steffan Perry, VFX supervisors William Bartlett and Simon French, CG supervisor Simon French, compositing supervisor William Bartlett, animation supervisor Nigel Rafter, animation team Nigel Rafter, Steve Townrow, India Barnardo, Brad Silby, technical directors Grant Walker, Stephen Cullingford, Rob Harrington, Jay Khan, 2D artists Russell Dodgson and Jonni Isaacs, and Roto artist Rachel Gregson.

Audrey Hepburn Galaxy chocolate ad

Framestore found an actor who closely resembled Audrey Hepburn to take the lead in the live action shots by Daniel Kleinman. The 3D team built the model of HepburnTM, making use of the star’s entire feature film catalogue, plus all available press and documentary photographs as reference. The team used a brand new renderer, Arnold, to accurately simulate the tracing of light, and enabled the team to perfect the soft, translucent feel of real skin. From here the challenge was developing the distinctive eyes and smile of Audrey Hepburn. See more on the CGI process at Framestore.

Hepburn’s sons, who control her estate, authorised the use of her image, for which they will have received a fee. Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti say their mother would be proud of her new role, adding in a press release that she often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit.

Music is “Moon River”, a song composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics written by Johnny Mercer for Breakfast at Tiffanys.

  • mike hilton

    why are the vehicles driving on the left side of the road? when I was last there the vehicles were driving on the right side.

    • Gill Web

      I found the roads of the Amalfi coast so narrow and winding there often feels like only one side of the road anyway! Thank goodness for the superb local drivers who ferried us around for our visit….

  • D

    Who’s the male actor?Thanks.X

  • dave dray

    Does anyone know which part of the Amalfi coast this was filmed?

  • Mariom

    The advert is filmed on 3 specific parts of the Amalfi coast the first is in Cetara a small fishing town, the second scene is shot using Atrani as a backdrop, you see the striking brown and white bell tower of the main church. The final part, as shown above, is towards Positano.

  • Ron.

    If this is filmed in italy why are they driving on the left.

  • howard prosser

    can anyone tell me what the style of Mercedes is in the advert

    • MrMunster

      Style?…. it’s a cabriolet. Although I suspect you meant what model, in which case it is Mercedes Benz 300 cabriolet in production between 1951 & 1962.
      And just in case, the bus is a late 40’s Autobloc although I’m sad to say I’m not entirely sure which model.

  • Kevin Warner

    Is it just me or is the final result of all the CGI work and filming trickery actually somewhat flawed. I have to avoid watching this ad now as poor Audrey looks like a doll version of herself. I have yet to see CGI human face that is truly convincing.

  • tilak

    Audrey died in 1993 . R.I.P

  • Ninja

    If it was anything like the coach I was on in Amalfi Audrey would be green with motion sickness and sweating like a hooded rapper

  • Janet Bailey

    Really hate the galaxy ad,it is enough to make innocent girls think it is safe to get into a car with strangers.

  • opencurtin

    It is a fantastic ad I didn’t even realize it was a CGI Hepburn I thought it was a look alike .

  • Niki Redpath

    Wot make/model is the bus in the ad??

  • why is the LHD bus, driving on the right, while the RHD car drives on the left?