Fruit Shop Fatty and Skinny

Fruit Shop on Greams Rd, in Chennai, India, is running a print advertising campaign playing off the classic “Fatty and Skinny” jokes. “Fatty and Skinny went to the Zoo. Fatty got lost in the Elephants poo. Skinny went home to tell his mum. But all he got was a smack on the bum.” In this campaign Fatty and Skinny get in trouble with the beast, the pygmies and a shark. Moral of the story? Make sure you take someone fatter with you if you want to survive. Or just drink the juices at Fruit Shop. “Lose the Fat. You’ll Live Longer”.

Fatty and the Beast

Fatty and the Pygmies

Fatty and the Shark


The Fatty and Skinny campaign was developed at Wunderman, Dubai, UAE, by executive creative director Kerry Platts, creative director Richa Khan, art director Giles Watson and copywriter Hugh Southall.