Fox Movies Break Free

The Fox Movies Break Free campaign, involving torn magazine pages, has won the Grand Prix for print at the Dubai Lynx Awards this week, following on from the Grand Prix awarded at the Mena Cristal awards in Lebanon in February. To demonstrate the benefit of break-free movies, Leo Burnett Dubai printed movie scenes from Scenes Aliens vs. Predator, Matrix Reloaded, Scary Movie 4 and Hollywoodland on double page spreads in magazines. Fake promotional ads were attached in between the movie scenes, largely ripped out to reveal the connection between the two halves of the movie scenes.

Fox Movies Matrix Reloaded Break Free

Fox Movies Aliens vs Predator Break Free

Fox Movies Matrix Reloaded Break Free

Fox Movies Hollywood Break Free


The Break Free campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Dubai by chief creative officer Bechara Mouzannar, executive creative director Peter Bidenko, creative director Mohamed Oudaha, copywriter Jaison Ben, art director Mohammad Aram, graphic designer Ammar Safi, account managers Nicolas Roux and Lara El Barkouki working with Fox marketing director Nadia Bedaywi.