Faktum Hotels

Faktum, a street newspaper in Gothenberg, Sweden, has been nominated for a number of awards at the D&AD Awards, for “Faktum Hotels”, an interactive campaign raising awareness of the plight of the homeless. Online at faktumhotels.com, the campaign comes across as a hotel site, with a difference. Faktum Hotels offers ten different, popular “rooms” where homeless people in Gothenberg might spend the night. There’s a park bench, a spot under a bridge, an abandoned paper mill, forests, even the seats in a soccer stadium. The campaign has nominations for Yellow Pencils for art direction, digital advertising.

Faktum Hotels Hagaparken

Gothenburg has about 3,400 homeless people. Most of them find a roof over their heads with a friend or at a refuge, but some sleep in the open air. We have chosen ten of the places where they might spend the night — and made it possible for you to book them. Just like any hotel. You can book one for yourself, or as a gift for somebody else. Either way the money goes to work for homeless and socially vulnerable people.

Faktum Hotels Hagaparken

Faktum Hotels Mondals Bruk

Faktum Hotels Gotatunneln

Faktum Hotels SLottsskogen

Faktum Hotels Skeppston

Faktum Hotels Gamlestaden

Faktum Hotels Nya Varden

Faktum Hotels Kungshojd

Faktum Hotels Heden

Faktum Hotels Drottningtorget


The Faktum Hotels campaign was developed at Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenberg, by art directors Staffan Lamm, Staffan Forsman, copywriter Martin Ringqvist, web producer Stefan Thomson, designer Christoffer Persson, account manager Åsa Pedersen working with Åse Henell at Faktum Hotels.

Online work was done at Thomson Interactive Media. Photographer was Håkan Ludwigson.