Expedia Baggage Tags

Expedia’s Baggage Tag campaign, using airport codes from around the world to provide humorous messages from across the globe, has been nominated for a Yellow Pencil for Outdoor Advertising, along with seven “In-Book” awards at the D&AD Awards. “WSH EWE WRE ERE”, is joined by “MUM DAD IOU”, “BON VOI AGE”, “YOO WAT”, “ARM LEG”, “LAT ERS”, “SUN SEA SND SEX”, “FAC TOR TEN” and “GRY SKY”.


WSH EWE WRE ERE (Brookhaven, Shirley, USA, Ewer, Indonesia, Whangarei, New Zealand, Erave, Papua New Guinea). Stop wishing. Start searching. Expedia.co.uk

Expedia Mum Dad IOU

MUM DAD IOU (Mumias, Kenya, Da Nang, Vietnam, Ile Ouen, New Caledonia). Plan your gap year with the world’s largest online travel agency. Expedia.co.uk

Expedia Yoo Wat

YOO WAT (Oshawa, Canada, Waterford, Ireland). Price Guarantee. Find your flight+hotel deal cheaper online. We’ll refund the difference. Expedia.co.uk

Expedia Bon Voi Age

BON VOI AGE (Flamingo International, Netherland Antilles, Voinjama, Liberia, Flugplatz, Germany). Find your ideal city break. Expedia.co.uk


SUN SEA SND SEX (Friedman Memorial, Sun Valley, USA, Seattle-Tacoma International, USA, Seno, Laos, Sembach, Germany). Find whatever floats your boat. Expedia.co.uk

Expedia Arm Leg

ARM LEG (Armidale, Australia, Aleg, Mauritania). Two things our flight & hotel deals won’t cost you. Expedia.co.uk


FAC TOR TEN (Faaite, French Polynesia, Municipal, Torrington, USA, Tongren, China). Come back bronzed and beautiful. Expedia.co.uk

Expedia GRY SKY

GRY SKY (Grimsey, Iceland, Griffing Sandusky Regional, OH, USA). Wave goodbye to bad weather. Expedia.co.uk

Expedia LAT ERS

LAT ERS (Cotopaxi International, Latacunga, Ecuador, Eros, Windhoek, Namibia). Don’t hang about the January sale starts soon. Expedia.co.uk


The Baggage Tag campaign was developed at Ogilvy Group UK, London, by executive creative director Gerry Human, copywriters/art directors Jon Morgan and Mike Watson, business director Stephen Hillcoat, retoucher Trevor Qizilbash and designer Mark Osborne.

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