ExFEARiential Advertising

John St, the Toronto advertising agency known for Pink Ponies, Catvertising and Buyral, has now launched ExFEARiential Advertising, a PR campaign spinning off the recent spate of stressful prank stunts in the advertising business. LG Pranks, London Transport’s Pub Loo Shocker, the Pepsi Max Test Drive, Nivea Stress Test, Tui Beer Plumbing Prank, Telekinetic Cafe Carrie all go so far. But John St takes fear seriously. Creative director Chris Hirsch explains, “Most ads are dramatic. We want them to be traumatic.” “Give your customers an experience they’ll never, ever forget. Muggings. Riots. Babynappings. We’ll do anything to get your brand noticed.” The ExFeariential film was shown at Strategy magazine’s Agency of the Year event on Tuesday where John St. took home the award for creative agency of the year. Read on for the case study, the Stolen Child Stress Test and the Home Invasion Beer commercial.

ExFEARiential Advertising Logo

ExFEARiential Credits

The ExFEARiential Advertising campaign was developed at John St., Toronto, by executive creative directors Angus Tucker and Stephen Jurisic, creative directors Chris Hirsch and Nellie Kim, associate creative director/copywriter Kurt Mills, associate creative director/art director Kyle Lamb, agency producers Dale Giffen and Madison Papple, and designer Tom Briggs.

Filming was shot by director Jono Hunter via OPC//Family Style with director of photography Bob Lyte, line producers Isil Gilderdale, Brendan Lynch, executive producers Liz Dussault, Donovan Boden and Harland Weiss.

Editor was Chris Murphy at Relish Editing with assistant editor Michael “Mitchell” Barker and executive producer Sally Leggett.

Transfer was done at Alter Ego by colourists Conor Fisher, Tricia Hagoriles, producer Jane Garrah and executive producer Greg Edgar.

Online and Visual effects were produced at Topix by VFX compositor Matt Dochstader, matte painter Andrew Nguyen and senior producer Eugene Marchio.

Sound and music were produced at Vapor Music by audio director Joey Serlin, audio engineer Julian Rudd and executive producer Lindsay Bates.

ExFEARiential Advertising Graph