Evian Baby and Me

Evian has launched a new advertising campaign featuring dancing babies. After legendary ads such as “Waterbabies”(1998) ranked as the French public’s favourite ad from the last 40 years and “Roller Babies” (2008), that keeps the Guinness World Record of the most viewed online advertising video ever, evian is now back with “Baby and Me” and this time the babies share the stage with their adult selves! The campaign includes a television commercial, outdoor advertising, and a smartphone app.

evian Baby and Me

evian Baby and Me

Baby & Me – the film

We see a man walking down the street when he catches his reflection in a bus window, but the reflection shows a baby version of him. Surprised and excited he starts to dance, to discover that his baby imitates his moves and expressions. People around him on the street join the dance – all set to the cult tune “Here comes the Hotstepper”, remixed by Yuksek for evian, available on iTunes. Two 15 second online videos were used to introduce the campaign.

Baby & Me – the poster campaign

The outdoor campaign will start in France on May 15th. Ten portraits of adults and baby versions of them will be displayed in train stations and metro platforms, facing each other, with the surprised adult discovering hers or his inner baby.

Evian Fred and Enzo
Evian Lisette and Ambre
Evian Mathilde and Lola
Evian Damien and Augustin
Evian Andreas and Guillaume

evian will also launch an international print campaign focusing on revealing your inner babies featuring celebrated tennis player, Maria Sharapova, and professional golfer Melissa Reid, who serve as international brand ambassadors for evian.

Baby & Me – the app

Evian wanted to give everyone the chance to try the experience for themselves and discover their inner baby. In order to do this, BETC Digital teamed up with B-Reel and created a special app that will be available on iPhone, Android or Facebook from mid-May. Upload your photo and the app will use advanced facial recognition software to create a baby version of yourself that you can share with your friends. Thanks to a partnership with Photomaton, the experience will also be available in “Baby booths” all over Paris during the launch.

Evian Baby and Me Credits

The Baby and Me campaign was developed at BETC Paris by executive creative director Rémi Babinet, art director Agnes Cavard, assistant art director Felix Falzon, copywriter Valérie Chidlovsky, traffic manager Elise Herfort,art buyer Nathalie Gruselle, media strategy director Martine Picard, agency producers Fabrice Brovelli (TV), Sarah Belhadj, Annick Audoux (print), agency management Marielle Durandet, Estelle Colas, Gaelle Gicqueau, Isabelle Picot and Charlotte Bals, working with Evian marketing team Michael Aidan, Laurent Houel, Cécile Turkel, Alexis Thobellem.

Media was handled at Havas Media International Direction Media by digital manager Benoit Radenne.

Filming was shot by directors We Are From LA via Iconoclast with executive producer Mourad Belkeddar.

Music, “Here Comes The Hotstepper” by Yuksek, was produced at BETC Music by creative director Christophe Caurret and at Gum by licensing producer Catherine Philippe.

Photography by Benni Valson was produced at Rita, with producer Isabelle Severi.

Digital work was developed at BETC Digital by creative director Ivan Beczkowski, art director Sokphea Pes, copywriter Emmanuelle Labbe, technical director Thibault Dargeou, agency management Karine Dargeou, Stéphanie Mayer and Jonathan Casseron. Mobile app development was by B-Reel.