Enterprise Thicker Slices for the Ones You Love

South African processed brand Enterprise French Polony is a South African classic line of lunch meat. Enterprise celebrated the release of a 200g pack with “Thicker Slices for the Ones You Love”, a print and online advertising campaign. Good news for those who love it on their sandwiches and salads, even better news for Mom. The question is, what will she do with it? Thicker slices for the ones you love. Three print ads, “Fighting Kids”, “Mommy’s Boy” and “Mother-in-law” were connected to a Facebook contest involving photography and vertical white lines.

Enterprise Thicker Slices Mother in Law

Enterprise Thicker Slices Mommy's Boy

Enterprise Thicker Slices Fighting Kids


The Enterprise Thicker Slices campaign was developed at TBWA Hunt Lascaris (TBWA South Africa) Johannesburg, by executive creative director Adam Livesey and Matthew Brink, creative director Mike Groenewald, art director Shelley Smoler, copywriter Raphael Basckin, art buyer Simone Allen, account manager Claire Peters, account director Morgan Wanckel, and group operations director Carol Soames. Photography by Clive Stewart was produced at E-Graphics, Johannesburg by retoucher Rob Frew with stylist Mia Widlake.