Ecofill Story Changes

Ecofill ink cartridges are promoted in “Dual Stories”, a print advertising campaign from Colombia demonstrating the difference colours make to photographic stories. Cyan in a Pregnancy test, Magenta in a doping test, yellow in a beer tasting, and black for a widow in church. The campaign won a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Ecofill Cyan Pregnancy

Ecofill Black Widow

Ecofill Magenta Doping

Ecofill Yellow Beer


The Story Changes campaign was developed at Ogilvy Colombia, Bogotá, by chief creative officer John Raul Forero, executive creative directors Juan Jose Posada, Juan Pablo Alvarez, Mauricio Guerrero, creative directors Julian Gutierrez and Andres Astorquiza, copywriters Fabian Gomez, Mario Betancur, art directors Mauricio Sanchez, Armando Niño, Andres Astorquiza, art buyers Adriana Pares, Diego Rincon, account supervisor Fabio Quiroga and account manager Carolina Duran. Photographer was Ugo Passalacqua at Ochurus!. Digital retouching was done at Latina.