Easter Egg Print Advertising

Here’s a selection of print advertisements featuring Easter eggs, from Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Brazil and the UK. We have ads from chocolate company Kopenhagen, from Cologne Zoo (Kolner Zoo), Shoppyland shopping centre, Axe/Lynx, and Cafe Opera Company in Stockholm.

Kopenhagen Easter Egg Mary

Kopenhagen Easter Egg Mary

The Kopenhagen Classic Egg “Easter more sacred” campaign was developed at RAI, São Paulo, Brazil, by creative director Camila Maschieto, art directors Rafael Uyeda and Marcelo Coutinho, copywriter Cristiano Sartori and photographer Stefan Susemihl.

Shoppy Land Easter Eggs

The Cafe Opera Company ad was developed at Det, Stockholm, Sweden, by art director Gustaf Boman and photographer Black Friday.

Shoppy Land Easter Egg

Shoppyland Easter for all ad was developed at Komet, Bern, Switzerland, by creative director Thom Pfister, copywriter Antonia Bekiaris, art directors Roland Zenger and Joël Weber, graphic designer Natalia Funariu, and advisor Simon Schatzmann.

Kolner Zoo Easter Egg Owl

Kolner Zoo Easter Egg Orangutan

Kolner Zoo Easter Egg Fish

This Kolner Zoo campaign was developed at Preuss und Preuss, Berlin, Germany, by creative director Michael Preuss, copywriter Nicolas Blättry, art directors Vera Brych and Zuzana Havelcova with consultant Lucille Lincoln-Codjoe.

Axe Easter Eggs

Axe Easter Eggs

The Axe Happy Easter campaign was developed at BBH, London.

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