Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Dove recently conducted a social experiment to prove that women are more beautiful than they think, as part of its continuing focus on “real” beauty in its advertising. FBI-trained forensic sketch artist Gil Zamora, who usually sketches people described by crime eyewitnesses, worked with women to measure self-perception. First he drew portraits of women according to their own description, and then he drew portraits of those same women according to strangers who had met them on the day. The differences between how they describe themselves and how others describe them are immediately striking. The Real Beauty Sketches campaign is online at and is being promoted on Twitter with the hashtag #wearebeautiful.

Dove Real Beauty Sketch Lani

Dove Real Beauty Sketch Olivia

Dove Real Beauty Sketch Maria

Dove Real Beauty Sketch Florence


The Real Beauty Sketches campaign was developed at Ogilvy Brazil by creative director Anselmo Ramos, copywriter Hugo Veiga, art director Diego Machado and agency producer Veronica Beach.

Filming was shot by director John X Carey via Paranoid US with director of photography Ed David, producer Stan Sawicki and executive producer Jamie Miller. Editor was Philip Owens. Colorist was Sean Coleman at Company 3.

Sound was mixed at Subtractive. Original music was by Keith Kenniff at Unseen Music.

  • torencel

    It would be so nice if these videos were at least subtitled in spanish

  • la

    do you live in the usa?

  • Carina Monroy

    I would love to share this with my spanish speaking friends. I am an US citizen living in Mexico, and Dove products are available here, and these ads are so universal to women.

  • So many women spend so much time criticizing ourselves when the real us actually is pretty great. Come on, ladies, look at the real you! It’s not big thighs or double chins or whatever you think is wrong with you, you are so much more than that.

    I am inspired by this video and would not classify it as just another commercial.