Doritos Time Machine Crashes Super Bowl Future

Today’s Doritos commercial, “Time Machine”, is one of 24 semi finalists chosen from entries around the world by Doritos for the Crash the Super Bowl Competition. A young boy produces an ingenious device connecting Doritos with a preferred future. The winning commercial will be featured in the Super Bowl 2014, while the creators will be given tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl, one million dollars, and a trip to the set of Marvels new films Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Doritos Time Machine

The creators of “Time Machine” decided to feature the loveable, average-idiot-Joe, who you would find walking down the streets munching on a whole party sized bag of Doritos making people smile. He’s bamboozled by the precocious young swindler, Jimmy, who sports a very dateless, resonating young adventurers outfit, and is accompanied by a classic humble canine. The third character is the cantankerous old man who, although I wish had looked more like the classic grumpy grandpa and less like Willie Nelson in American Eagle jeans, played a solid role in completing the third act. These classic cartoon styled characters, in addition to the eternal fantasies of time travel, space out the viewer internally leaving room for a nostalgic and innocent kick. It has the ability to make little kids, young-adults and adults alike laugh, even if it is your dad passing through the living room shaking his head as he says “that’s so stupid.”

The Time Machine video currently has one of the highest ratings in the competition of a 4.2 out of 5. Visit to view all the semi-finalists and cast your vote for the best commercial.

Doritos Time Machine Credits

The writer director of Time Machine is Ryan Thomas Andersen of AndersenCrine Productions, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Ryan has produced an IMDB entry and a Twitter page for Time Machine.

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