Doritos On-set Romance bid to Crash the Super Bowl

The second spot in our Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2014 series is “On-Set Romance”, from Australia. Doritos is starting the voting process for the 2014 “Crash the Super Bowl” contest in which fans submit 30 second Doritos commercials and the winner gets the commercial shown on television during the Super Bowl, wins tickets to the Super Bowl, and gets to be on the set of the new Avengers movie. This year, unlike all the previous years, Doritos took commercials from all over the globe. We’ll be covering entries sent into us by their producers.

Doritos On Screen Romance film crew

Whether you’re familiar with Boogie Nights, a film about the late 1970s porn industry that is being referenced, or not, this commercial works. The piece makes up for the lack of dialogue by immediately telling you what business these men are in (whether you want to admit you thought it or not) and then bounces around humorously uncomfortable looks between the actors. The lighting, set and costume design shall be most acclaimed in this commercial, perfectly setting us in a cheap, gross, 1970s porn shoot. The one intentional stand out is the Doritos eater who looks less like a 1970s porn star and more like the desired contemporary 20-30 year old male target audience member.

This commercial has the bold, coarse sense of humor able to produce laughter and appreciation from the predominately American Super Bowl viewers. It works well with the copy line “fear the bold”, and is a possible winner in my eyes.

boogie nights

A screenshot from Boogie Nights.


On-Set Romance was written/directed/produced by Chris Brailey and Sam Bright from Bermudans, Sydney, with director of photography Dale Bremmer, camera assistant Steve Cardelli, editor Samuel Bright, art director Shelley Bright, sound designer Justin Spasevski, colourist Sie Kitts, makeup artists Samantha Tasker and Lu Bickel, and catering manager Helen Gao.