Doritos Office Thief

Today’s Doritos commercial, “Office Thief”, is one of 24 semi finalists chosen from entries around the world by Doritos for the Crash the Super Bowl Competition. An employee denies his part in stealing fellow employees Doritos, despite his cheesy facade. The winning commercial will be featured in the Super Bowl 2014, while the creators will be given tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl, one million dollars, and a trip to the set of Marvels new films Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Doritos Office Thief

Sometimes all it takes is two good actors, one playing the absurd role and the other playing the patient realist, to make us giggle. The absurd one here is the every day employee whose conviction and charisma is stronger than his bosses, which allows him to get away with things. He’s the cool lower level employee we want to be, especially when he has Doritos bursting out of his seams. This commercial plays on that dramatization of flipping roles with your overly tolerant boss, and playing the game of office politics to your advantage. The commercial also creates humor from what Doritos has always embraced, the cheesy messiness and destructive crunch of their product. In attempt to amplify this gag, the creators went through over 30 bags of Doritos. Now that’s bold!

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Doritos Office Thief

Doritos Office Thief Credits

Doritos Office Thief was written and directed by Chris Capel, Los Angeles, with co-writer Richard Price, gaffer Jeffrey Peters, grip Derek Rasmussen, makeup Heather Galipo and sound engineer Thomas Curley.

Cast are Larry Cedar and Steve Olson.

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