Doritos Extreme Makeover bid to Crash the Super Bowl

Doritos is starting the voting process for the 2014 “Crash the Super Bowl” contest in which fans submit 30 second Doritos commercials and the winner gets the commercial shown on television during the Super Bowl, wins tickets to the Super Bowl, and gets to be on the set of the new Avengers movie. This year, unlike all the previous years, Doritos took commercials from all over the globe. We’ll be covering entries sent into us by their producers. The first off the list is “Extreme Makeover”, from Israel.

Doritos Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover was submitted by an Israeli freelance copywriter named Orel Bitan, who wrote, produced, filmed, directed and edited the piece with two colleagues, Idan Gilboa (art director) and Tal Menkes (copywriter). The commercial’s muse is an almost 200 year old story, starting with the novel “Frankenstein”, written by Mary Shelley in 1818, leading to the common day horror stories of wealthy and vain men and women undergoing plastic surgery operations. The piece takes a comical twist on the story of the physical alteration of young insecure people, a concept that resonates with most individuals. It features the naïve, anxious patient as well as the overly confident and seemingly unethical yet acclaimed doctor who shapes his patients to “perfection”.

The Extreme Makeover idea cleverly compensates for the undesired physical effect of eating too many Dorito’s by making our passion for lethargic snacking comical. It is possible the spot will leave a too bitter taste, as it plays to a generation of Americans who eat too much snack-food, gain too much weight, care too much about the gained weight, and then resort to “extreme makeovers” to remedy the situation. Still, it is clever, funny, quick, and rings the appropriate bell of poignant humor with the final soap opera styled line, “It’s beautiful”.


Extreme Makeover was produced by writer, producer, director, editor Orel Bitan, art director Idan Gilboa, copywriter Tal Menkes and sound designer Rani Dar. Actors are Kami Boaz Gam (doctor) and Andrey Deutsch (patient).

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