Doctors Without Borders on Good Intentions

Doctors Without Borders in Denmark is running an integrated advertising campaign encouraging a move from good intentions through to actual support through donation of actual funds. Two commercials present doctors in third world hospitals explaining to their patients that their Facebook fans are hoping one day to follow through on their good intentions. “Good intentions don’t save lives”. The campaign has continued with “MSF Likes“, a Facebook app in which people donate 1 kroner to Doctors Without Borders for every like they get on Facebook posts. Each collection runs for 48 hours. Only likes from Facebook friends count. At the end of each donation people can post a picture saying thank you to all the friends who helped them donate.

Doctors Without Borders Jonas


The Good Intentions campaign was developed at Kommunikationsbureauet København, Copenhagen, by creative director/art director Tobias Rosenberg and creative director/copywriter Peter Farver. Filming was shot by director Mikkel Munch-Fals with producer Søren Engberg, production manager Samuel Cantor, director of photography Laust Trier Mørk, production designer Allan Scott, lighting director Frank Ømo. Post production was done at Gimmick VFX. Editor was Jimmy Falinski. Sound was produced at FreeZone by sound designer/engineer Bjørn Vidø.

The Good Intentions Likes campaign was developed at Konstellation by digital producer Christina Krog Madsen, creative director Thomas Pries, prototyping Kristian Rix, designer Michael Victor-Hansen, programmers Rasmus Schlünsen and Mads Sülau Jørgensen, client services director Nicolai Elmqvist.