Dior Homme 1000 Lives with Robert Pattinson

Christian Dior has launched “1000 Lives”, a new Dior Homme film featuring British actor Robert Pattinson and French model Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse, filmed by Romain Gavras. Launched on Monday with the “Uncensored Director’s Cut”, the film has Pattionson channeling James Dean as he and Rowe cavort through New York City. They hit the beach in a vintage BMW convertible, crash a smart white tie dinner dance, dive fully-clothed into a swimming pool and lounge around in a glamorous apartment. Dior places the official ad hashtag “#DIORROB” at the end of the video to encourage social media. The Dior Tumblr page includes photographs from the shoot, animated gifs and a set of three posters with quotes attributed to James Dean.

Dior Homme 1000 Lives Film promotion

Dior Homme Beach

Dior Homme Pattinson

Dior Homme Pattinson

Dior Homme Bathroom

Dior Homme Bedroom

Dior Homme Pool

Dior Homme Beach House

Dior Homme Roof

Dior Homme Dream

Dior Homme Dream

Dior Homme Forgive


The 1000 Lives was filmed by director Romain Gavras via Iconoclast, Paris, with photographer Nan Goldin.

Music is “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.