Dinovember dinosaurs photographed in Kansas City

Refe and Susan Tuma, a copywriter and artist based in Kansas City, have spent the last two Novembers using plastic dinosaurs to stimulate the imagination of their little kids. While the children are asleep Refe and Susan photograph the house dinosaurs and their antics. The photo series is documented on the Dinovember Facebook page. With some time, energy, creativity and a few plastic dinosaurs, they hope to foster wonder and imagination, providing an hands-on interactive experience for the children through the day. The Refes encourage their fans to document the antics of their own toys with photographs posted to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #dinovember.

Dinosaur Ironing Disaster

Dinosaur Shadow Play

Dinosaur Dish Washing

Dinosaur Art Class

Dinosaur Ninja Turtle

Dinosaur Karaoke

Dinosaur Beach Bodies

Dinosaurs Christmas

Dinosaurs Playing Doctor

Dinosaur Flying Fox

Dinosaur Hunt

Dinosaur Tribal

Dinosaur Mouse Trap

Dinosaur Ice Age

Dinosaur Dinobots

Dinosaur Party Dress

Dinosaur Movie Night

Dinosaur NASA

Dinosaur Package

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