Devondale Fast Start vs Soy Aftertaste

Devondale, an Australian dairy company, is promoting its new Devondale Fast Start breakfast drinks with a campaign comparing the drinks taste with that experienced when drinking soy equivalents. Two television commercials, outdoor ads and point of sale ads focus on the physical revulsion the unwary can feel after drinking soy milk by mistake. “Sunshine Bubble” features a father whose child thinks he doesn’t like a painting she made of him because he is pulling a disgusted face after drinking soy milk. “Man Child” features a husband whose contorted face leads his wife to believe that he hates the idea that the couple must babysit her sister’s kids.

Soy aftertaste face


The Fast Start campaign was developed at DDB Australia, Melbourne, by executive creative director Darren Spiller, creative director Simon Bagnasco, senior copywriter Robbie Brammall, senior art director Ant Hatton, head of broadcast Simon Thomas, managing director Nick Condon, account director Katie Kouts, account manager Kirsten Tidswell, working with Devondale general manager innovations, marketing and special projects Suzanne Douglas, and marketing manager Adam Hamilton.

Filming was shot by director Tim Bullock via Prodigy Films with executive producer Jonathan Samway, producer Julianne Shelton, offline editor Adam Wills.

Post production was done at Method Studios by colorist Edel Rafferty and online editor Ziggy Zigouras. Sound was designed at Gusto Music by sound designer Colin Simkins.

Media was handled by Carat Melbourne.

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  • Andrew

    Funny and very watchable creative. Branding is very low. They are also focusing an aspect of the market creator that is not that well known to consumers – that Up&Go contains some soy. The advert is only targeted at current users of the liquid breakfast category, as anyone else would have no idea what this ad is about. So this it is negative advertising, it will harm the category rather than grow it. If I were the retailers – I would be Annoyyed that this Johnny-come-lately brand is targeting cannibalisation rather than trying to grow this high margin category.

  • Ima Jones

    Your soy after taste commercials are very annoying. Soy is a superior product to milk with no mucus forming qualities, no lactose and higher quality calcium and protein. So kindly ditch the bad adverts as we will not buy your product anyway.

    • You boring arse lame-wads, please remove head from Sphincter and take a a good hard look at yourselves. These commercials would have to be some of the funniest i have ever seen. Wake up to yourselves, crawl out of your boring, tight spaced, “LOL, BRB etc world” and realise there is actually funny stuff out there away from your PC shackles. Signed…REAL PERSON.

    • And yes i would buy the product just to do the face.

  • Normal people

    its just an ad!

  • ellie

    I wouldn’t buy this product because of the pathetic commercial.