Deep RiverRock When You Can’t Think Straight

Deep RiverRock, a bottled water brand in Ireland, has been running “When You Can’t Think Straight”, an integrated advertising campaign focused on the connection between hydration and brain function. Three television commercials, “Locker Room”, “Geraldine” and “Cafe”, present funny scenarios in which hydration really is necessary. “Locker Room” opens on a shirtless young man tugging and tugging at a padlock on a locker. A voiceover declares, “When you’re not hydrated, your brain’s not at 100%.” Nothing seems to work, then looks behind him: primping and dressing women everywhere. This is the women’s locker room. The voiceover and supers conclude, “When you can’t think straight, hydrate. Deep RiverRock.”

Deep RiverRock Locker Room

Deep RiverRock Hydrate


The campaign was developed at McCann Dublin, by creative director/art director Ray Swan, creative director/copywriter Emma Sharkey and agency producer Oona Carolan.

Filming was shot by director Lena Beug via Red Rage Films with producer Gary Moore.

Post production was done at Windmill Lane by post production supervisor Jen Connolly, editor Tony Kearns, Baselight team Dave Hughes and Matt Branton, and Flame artist Mark Bailey.