DBS Driveshield Expect The Unexpected

DBS Bank Ltd in Singapore recently ran “Expect The Unexpected”, an integrated advertising campaign promoting Driveshield motor insurance and the offer of a free in-car camera. The campaign features three bizarre car installations: a magnetised car, a frozen car and a halved car, each with a QR code that reveals footage of how they came to be, captured from a camera in the inside of the cars.

DBS Driveshield Magnetised Car with trolley Expect The Unexpected

DBS Driveshield Iced Car Expect The Unexpected
DBS Driveshield Halved Car Expect The Unexpected
DBS Driveshield Magnetised Car Expect The Unexpected

Expect The Unexpected Credits

The Expect The Unexpected campaign was developed at Tribal DDB Singapore by chief creative officer Neil Johnson, creative directors Thomas Yang and Francis Ooi, art director Benson Toh, copywriter Theresa Ong, creative services director Michelle Tan, senior account manager Ng Kok Jong, account executive Ng Hwei Yun, account team Anthony Wan, Joshua Lee, Jasmine Ng, Ellyna Rahim, Pierce Sim and Edwyna Yeo.

Media was handled at MPG Singapore.

Photography was by Allan Ng at The Republic Studios. Filming was produced at Freeflow Productions. Visual effects were produced at Critica. Sound was designed at The Gunnery.