Dangerous Passions in São Paulo

The video of a couple arguing on the balcony of an apartment and the wife’s lover escaping from a window in downtown São Paulo, Brazil, had over 3 million views in the last week. What no one knew is that the drama was played out as part of a campaign introduce “Paixões Perigosas” (Dangerous Passions), a new television drama series from the Investigação Discovery channel. The video was replicated more than 20 thousand times around the web and was shown on TV several times. Read on to see the reveal video.

Dangerous Passions Scene

Dangerous Passions Credits

The Dangerous Passions Prédio (Building) video was developed at Salles Chemistri, Sao Paulo, by creative directors Hugo Rodrigues and Alessandro Cassulino, creative team Alessandro Cassulino, Alexandre Abrantes, Rodrigo Panucci and Sérgio Matsunaga, account team Marcos Vinício Pizzetti, Paula Schubach, Elis Adami and Anabelly Cardoso, media team Silvia Tajiki and Marilia Rosati, RTVC team Tato Bono and Mayane Milinavicius, working with Investigação Discovery marketing and communications director Astrid Vasconcellos.

Filming was shot by directors Alex Miranda and Daniel Baccaro via Trator Filmes with director of photography Ricardo “Toddy” Miranda, executive producers Gabriela Lemos and Igor Ferreira, editor Renan Adukas, artist Danilo Koshimizu

Sound was produced at Jamute.