Compare The Market Duets

“Duets”, the latest in the series of Compare the Market promos, follows the upturn in a story of two longstanding arch rivals. We see an optimistic turn in the ongoing tensions between well-to-do owner of, Maurice Wigglethorpe–Throom, and the nation’s favourite Meerkat, furry owner of The comedic spot sees the two finally setting aside their ongoing squabble about the similarities in name between their respective websites, and

Compare The Market Owners

The pair duet side-by-side at a piano, performing their reworking of the 1980’s ballad “Ebony and Ivory,” as “Gingery and Furry.” Whitehouse Post’s master Editor of comedy, Alaster Jordan, sets the viewer up for the indicator that this idyllic song-and-dance scene may not last; as Wigglethorpe–Throom releases a dove as a sign of peace and harmony, the Meerkat releases a hawk, which proceeds to attack the dove as an indicator of the happy compromise being only temporary.

Compare The Market Owners Duets

Duets Credits

The Duets ad was developed at VCCP by executive creative director Darren Bailes, copywriter Jonathan Thake and agency producer Larissa Miola.

Filming was shot by directors Simon Cole at HSI and Darren Walsh at Passion Pictures with HSI executive producer Jeremy Goold and Passion Pictures executive producer Russell McLean.

Editor was Alaster Jordan at Whitehouse Post.

Sound was produced by Ben Leeves at Grand Central with composer Sniffy Dog.

Animation and VFX were produced at Passion Pictures.