Coldplay Atlas Catching Fire

Coldplay has released a music video for “Atlas”, their single associated with the Hunger Games film Catching Fire. The music video brings together animated imagery from the Hunger Games, including Katniss with weapons, archery, flames and the mockingjay, along with star trail photography and signs of the Zodiac such as the archer (Saggitarius), the sea goat (Capricornus), fish (Pisces), crab (Cancer), along with the Dog Star (Sirius).

Coldplay Atlas music video Archer

Coldplay Atlas music video Carry Your World

Coldplay Atlas music video Arrow

Coldplay Atlas music video Signs

Coldplay Atlas music video Saggitarius

Coldplay Atlas music video The Smoke


Atlas was produced at Hugo and Marie by director/storyboard artist Mario Hugo, illustrator Micah Lidberg, executive producer Jennifer Gonzalez, producer Masha Spaic, assistant designers Sam Hodges and Ania Nowak.

Motion graphics were produced at Blind Pig by animation creative directors Ric Comline and Jonny Bursnell, executive producer Melanie Wickham, producer Nick Haynes, animators Ric Comline, Jonny Bursnell, Tim Andrews, Jim Hsu, Tom Cardo, Tom Cardo Moreno, animation assistants Dan Baiton and Kieran Hanrahan.

Atlas (From “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Soundtrack) – Single – Coldplay