Cold Mailman – My Recurring Dream

Norwegian studio pop band Cold Mailman has released a music video for their single, “My Recurring Dream”, taken from their third album, Heavy Hearts. Directed by André Chocron, the music video takes us through hospital and school corridors, a stairwell, through swimming pools, a moving train, home and a set of burning abandoned cars, using a series of tracking shots enhanced with time lapse and reverse motion.

Cold Mailman My Recurring Dream

Cold Mailman My Recurring Dream Credits

Filming was shot by director André Chocron via Frokost Film with producer Andrea Ottmar, director of photography Audun Gjelsvik Magnæs, Feil Film production designer Kaja Raastad, production manager Martin Alslie, coordinator Marte Øslebø Knutsen.

Post production was done at Shortcut Norge by producer Espen Skjetne, colorist Julien Alary. VFX were produced at Øyedrops by Mads Hornsletten.