Coca Cola Smile Back

Coca Cola marketing teams in Canada, Tunisia, Chile, England, Jamaica, and Pakistan have worked together to produce “Smile Back”, a crowd-sourced ambient advertising campaign. Film crews and Coca Cola reps set out to get members of the public smiling, using smiley face posters and silly antics, all to prompt a little friendliness in the mundane. When someone smiled back, they received a free Coke or some other fun prize: everything from sunglasses to hats to bicycles. “When you give a smile, lives are changed. And so is the world, one smile at a time.”

Coca Cola Smile Back

Coca Cola Smile Back Credits

The Smile Back campaign was produced and crowdsourced in association with Victors & Spoils and film production crews through Mofilm. Music is by Ben Thomas and Max Truphet

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