Coca Cola Mini-Me

Coca-Cola in Israel has launched “Mini Me”, an integrated campaign marketing mini bottles by creating 3D printed mini figurines of its customers. Users create their own virtual mini character using a mobile app (Apple or Android), downloaded from Once they’ve shown they can keep their mini-me happy by feeding and taking care of its needs they become eligible for a 3D printed mini figurine. The app includes a virtual supermarket for buying groceries for the Coke Mini Me. Users can connect their mini-me to other mini-me’s and send them to watch a movie or out dancing together. Those who participate are invited to the Coca Cola lab to undergo a 360° full-body scan, and receive the 3D printed mini-me version of themselves within a few hours.

Coca-Cola Mini-Me site

Using the latest in 360° scanning and 3D printing technologies, Gefen Team built a 3D printing lab inside Coca-Cola’s main factory in Israel. The 360° scanner was able to scan a human figure within a few minutes. Photographic images were transformed into a 3D model and high resolution 3D printers were then used to bring the digital model back to life as perfect mini-me figures made of color sandstone.

Coca-Cola Mini-Me

Coca-Cola Mini-Me

Coca-Cola Mini-Me


The Coca Cola Mini-Me campaign was developed at Gefen Team, Tel Aviv.

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