Coca Cola Crazy for Good

Coca Cola is running Crazy for Good, a global integrated advertising campaign designed to encourage acts of kindness around the world. The Crazy for Good campaign follows on from the “Camaritas” security camera footage commercial of 2012. Set once again to the Supertramp hit “Give a little bit”, the campaign features champions of happiness from London, Cape Town and Buenos Aires.

Are You Crazy Enough - Coca Cola Crazy for Good

Lea in Johannesburg, South Africa, wrote: “Why do big cities have to be so grey? Most people don’t think about this, but I do. All the time. Every night I wear a pink wig and go out to spread plants for my city. A flower smiles here, a bit of greenery there just to make our day better. Most of people think I am crazy but I just want to bring smiles to people’s lives”. See more at Click on the image below to play the Secret Gardener video..

Jeff Waldman in San Francisco wrote, “One day, I set out across San Francisco and installed swings. A lot of them. People might think I am crazy, but after seeing the joy on people´s faces as they soar through the air, I knew I couldn’t stop”. See more at Click on the image below to play the Swing Guy video..

Last year Mr Lucky sudenly came into some money, more money than he’ll ever need. His first throught was buying tickets to outer space. But he changed his mind and decided to give away £ 1000 every day to complete strangers. All he asks is that they do something positive with the cash. See more at Click on the image below to play the Mr Lucky video..

Crazy for Good Credits

The Crazy for Good campaign was developed at Ogilvy Brazil, Sao Paulo, by creative director/copywriter Fred Saldanha, creative director Claudio Lima, regional creative director Gaston Bigio, national VP of creation Anselmo Ramos, copywriters Marcelo Padoca and Beto Cocito, art directors Douglas Kozonoe and Fernando Reis, account managers Luis Carlos Franco, Ana Paula Perdigão and Gabriela Malta.

Filming was shot in London, Cape Town and Buenos Aires by director Henry-Alex Rubin via Smuggler with director of photography Antonio Paladino, producers Veronica Beach and Drew Santerserio.

Editing was done at Lost Planet/Black Hole. Colorist was Fergus McCall at The Mill.

“Give a little bit”, by Roger Hodgson, was produced by Josh Ralph at The Rumor Mill. Sound was mixed at Heard City by sound engineer Philip Loeb.