Coca Cola Coming Together on Calories

Coca-Cola has launched “Coming Together”, an integrated advertising campaign in the USA extending the “Live Positively” project, focusing on the company’s efforts to tackle the issue of obesity. A two minute commercial, “Coming Together”, outlines the company’s attempts to reduce the calories consumed by users of Coca Cola products, in collaboration with schools and other organisations. The ad points out that of 650 products on the market 180 are low and no calories choices. The average calories per serving has been reduced by 22 percent. Beverage calories consumed in schools has been reduced by 90 percent. The campaign is online at, with further information on innovation, education and action.

Coca Cola Coming Together commercial

Coca Cola Coming together - A History
Coca Cola Coming together to Innovate
Coca Cola Coming together to Educate
Coca Cola Coming together to Act
Coca Cola Where do we go from here?

Coming Together Credits

The Coming Together campaign was developed at BrightHouse and CitizenĀ².

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