Chupa Chups Monster Kids

This Halloween, Chupa Chups celebrates Monsterkids. There’s no denying it. Everyone one of you who has spawned a child or two has witnessed a Monsterkids moment. The screaming, the tantrum, the shrieks…. what darling displays of affection! We continue to take out the ‘ee’ in Halloween, and put an end to all that screaming with a sweet pop of a Chupa Chups! So this year, the lollipop maker celebrates the darker side of childhood by featuring scary cherubs testing their parents patience and fraying their already worn nerves. The best ghoulish routines were gathered from parents far and near and have been revealed on the Chupa Chups Youtube channel.

Chupa Chups Monster Kids


The Monster Kids campaign was developed at BBH Asia Pacific by creative director Tinus Strydom, art directors Kooichi Chee, Marcus Yuen, Germaine Chen, engagement planner Lindsey Cummings, business director David Webster, account director Midori Watanabe, account manager Bernice Ooi, head of production Daphne Ng, producer Wendi Chong, post production team Daphne Ng and Elena Ho. Sound was produced at Fuse Asia.

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