Christmas Chocolate Coin Factory at W+K London

Wieden+Kennedy London have continued their tradition of turning the Hanbury Street office window into a Christmas installation, this year providing passers-by with a peek into a chocolate coin factory. Dan & Dave’s Chocolate Coin Factory is a magical copper and brass chocolate coin factory that transforms 1 pound coins into special gold Belgian chocolate coins, with all proceeds collected going towards building a new playground for Millfields Community School in Hackney, East London. When a coin is inserted into a slot beside the window, the machine comes to life and performs a routine, before popping out a chocolate coin at the other end. The installation, named after Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, will run until 6th January from 9am to 8pm, 7 days per week. See the machine in action on the dedicated microsite:

Wieden+Kennedy Christmas Window 2013

Wieden+Kennedy Christmas Window 2013 Children

Wieden+Kennedy Christmas Chocolate Coin

Wieden+Kennedy Christmas Chocolate Coin


The machine was made by a creative team at Wieden+Kennedy London in collaboration with sculptor Ben Hughes and artist Joshua T Howell.

Laurie Howell & Toby Treyer-Evans, the creatives behind the idea, said “It’s certainly been a big technical challenge, working out how to melt the small amount of real gold in a £1 coin and then use this to coat ginormous chocolate coins.”