Cape Times Selfies

What if famous photographs were actually taken as “Selfies”? The Cape Times in South Africa ran an award-winning print advertising campaign featuring a wartime kiss between a sailor and young woman in Times Square, Manhattan, Winston Churchill, Jackie and John Kennedy, Prince William and Kate Middleton at their wedding, and Beyers Naude and Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu celebrating Tutu’s Nobel Peace Prize. “You can’t get any close to the news. The Cape Times. Know all about it.”

Cape Times Sailor

Cape Times Winston Churchill

Cape Times Jackie Kennedy

Cape Times William and Kate

Cape Times Desmond Tutu


The Self Portraits campaign was developed at Lowe South Africa, Cape Town, by executive creative director Kirk Gainsford, art director Dane Alexander, copywriters Natalie Rose and Melanie Horenz, agency producer Tenille Abrahams and photographer David Prior.