Cadbury Unwrap Joy for Christmas

Cadbury UK has launched “Unwrap Joy”, a Christmas-themed television commercial featuring a sleepy, suburban London street at dawn, entirely wrapped in Cadbury wrapping paper, recognisable by its distinctive and iconic shade of purple. Houses, cars, lampposts and even trees and road-signs are all cocooned in paper. We then see the children who live on this remarkable street waking to discover the overnight transformation of their homes. They all come together to frenziedly and joyfully unwrap their street, culminating in two of the children tearing into a giant Cadbury snowman, which explodes to reveal hundreds of both traditional Cadbury chocolate bars, and a range of new products that have been launched this Christmas including ‘Mousse Snowman’, ‘Chocolate Santa’ and ‘Snowman and Santa Hollows’. They rain down, together with reams of purple streamers, onto children and street below.

Cadbury Unwrap Joy Street

Casting Unwrap Joy

The two stars of the Unwrap Joy ad, eight year old boys Jack Boyer and Mark Collett, were recruited when location scouts chose their Plumstead street to be wrapped in 2,500 metres of purple paper, 60ft of printed tape and giant 18ft bows. The boys caught the eye of directors when they burst out of their house onto the street clad in capes made from the Cadbury’s props. Once cast, the boys, who starred alongside 60 other children in the advert, were beside themselves with excitement as they spent the day ripping the glittering paper and unwrapping trees, houses, cars and lampposts.

Cadbury Unwrap Joy Street
Cadbury Unwrap Joy Dawn
Cadbury Unwrap Joy Boy

Cadbury provided hints of what was to come with pics posted on the Cadbury UK Facebook page.

Cadbury Unwrap Joy
Cadbury Unwrap Joy
Cadbury Unwrap Joy

Cadbury Unwrap Joy Credits

The Unwrap Joy ad was developed at Fallon London by executive creative director Santiago Lucero, creative team Thom Glover and Eoin McLaughlin and producer Lisa Mason.

Filming was shot by director Kim Gehrig via Somesuch & Co with producer James Waters.

Editor was Art Jones at Work Post with assistant editor Ellie McNaughton.

Visual effects were produced at MPC by VFX producer Marianna Bruynseels with VFX producer Bill McNamara and colourist Aline Sinquin.

Sound was produced at Wave Studios by sound designer Jack Sedgwick and producer Rebecca Boswell.

Music, “Marshmallow World” by Darlene Love was supervised by Soundtree.

Marshmallow World (Remastered) Darlene Love on A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector album on iTunes