Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Animated

Bombay Sapphire is sponsoring The Imagination Series, a film project aimed at bringing people’s ideas to life on screen at Tribeca Film Festival. Four winners of the second film series competition have been named. Members of the public can now vote via Facebook for a short script which they’d like to see brought to life in the fifth and final film. There are five scripts in total. The one with the most votes will be made into a high quality short film and will debut during the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014. To help voters imagine the films, five illustrators have been commissioned to create an animated film poster for each potential winner.

Cutie Pie Animated Gif

“Cutie Pie”, by Effie Woods, UK, is a comedy about a man, Peter, who returns home to find he has been bought an adorable kitten by Maggie. Peter wants Maggie to return it when the kitten destroys the house. Despite their efforts to shake off the little monster, it continues to haunt them.

Imagination Cutie Pie Animated Gif

“Need for Speed (Dating)”, by Allyson Morgan, USA, is a comedy about two friends that attend a speed dating event. They face a gaggle of unsavory guys one after the other and begin to think that all hope is gone. Fate intervenes and they each find a great match somewhat closer to home.

Imagination Tea Time Animated Gif

“Tea Time”, by Karen Pessina, Italy, is a thriller involving two men who pull over with a flat tire. When they seek help at a nearby house, an old lady offers them tea and muffins. One suddenly drops dead after eating a poisoned muffin. His partner is reunited with the old lady.

Imagination The Search Animated Gif

“The Search”, by Giles Borg, UK, is a drama about a man who fears he’s the last man left on earth. He employs an old computer terminal, BOB, to scan CCTV footage for other signs of life. BOB finds other humans but, being lonely himself, does not tell John, who leaves, hopeless.

Imagination Value of Freedom Animated Gif

“The Value of Freedom”, by Hiroshi Momose, Japan, is an animation set in the zoo. Two birds look out through bars at the sky beyond. One bird enlists help to escape the confines of the cage. Choosing to fly off into the unknown, the other bird chooses to stay, reassured by what it knows.

The First Four

The four winners so far are “Reflections” by Anthony Khaseria, “Graffiti Area” by Maite Fernandez Perez, “Exit Log” by Chris Cornwell, and “The Other Side of the Game” by Kiara C. Jones. The jury includes Academy Award® winning actor Adrien Brody; screenwriter and film director Lucy Mulloy, screenwriter Naomi Foner, actor Peter Facinelli, and Vimeo senior curator Sam Morrill.


Animated illustrations are by James White (Tea Time), Studio MUTI (The Value Of Freeodm), Joe Wilson (The Search), Andrew Archer (Cutie Pie) and ilovedust (Need For Speed (Dating).