Beneful Dog Goldberg Machine

Beneful, a dog food brand manufactured and marketed by Nestle Purina, is being promoted with “Dog Goldberg Machine”, a commercial using the Rube Goldberg machine meme. The ad celebrates play with the catapulter, the slam dunker, the disc flinger, the quick catcher, the puppies and the tail wagger, their toys, and countless tennis balls. “Play. It’s good for you.”

Beneful Goldberg Machine dogs

Dog Goldberg Machine Credits

The Dog Goldberg Machine was developed at Deep Focus, New York, by CEO Ian Schafer, executive creative director Ken Kraemer, creative director Matt Steinwald, art director Scott Jones, copywriter Micky Treutlein and producer Sean Fleming.

Filming was produced at QuietMan, New York. Music is by Yessian.