Because who is perfect?

Pro Infirmis, an disability advocacy organisation in Switzerland, marked International Day of People with Disability this year with “Because who is perfect?” (Wer ist schon perfect), a campaign featuring mannequins with disabilities. In the weeks before Christmas, Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich glitters with pretty displays. On December 3, however, special mannequins with shortened limbs and twisted spines are shown in the windows of the fashion stores WE Fashion, modissa, PKZ, Schild and Bernies.

Pro Infirmis actor Erwin Aljukic in Zurich

A film by director Alain Gsponer documents the development of the campaign, from the measuring of the participants to the mannequins being displayed in the stores on Bahnhofstrasse.

Pro Infirmis Group Photo

In 2011, Gsponer directed the successful bear commercial for Pro Infirmis, which has now been viewed over four million times. See the previous Pro Infirmis commercials Bear (2011) and Gianni Blumer (2012).


The Because Who Is Perfect campaign was developed at Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich, by executive creative director Alexander Jaggy, art director Daniel Serrano, copywriters Mateo Sacchetti, Samuel Wicki, graphic designer Lukas Frischknecht, consultants Marco Dettling, Danijel Sljivo, Roman Meister, art buyers Sarida Bossoni, Ilonka Galliard, PR consultants Alexander Gligorijevic, Nicole Pauli, working with Pro Infirmis head of communication Mark Zumbühl and communications consultant Bettina Konetschnig.

Filming was shot by director Alain Gsponer via Pumpkin, Zurich, with director of photography Jonas Jaeggy, producers Caro Büchel and Michael Kindermann.

Music, “Lost at Sea”, was newly arranged by Dave Thomas Junior, licensed at Tracks & Fields.

Models featured in the campaign are radio host and film critic Alex Oberholzer, Miss Handicap 2010 Jasmine Rechsteiner, athlete Urs Kolly, actor Erwin Aljukić and blogger Nadja Schmid.

  • Darleenn Strathy

    I am so very impressed that you are demonstrating and recognizing and appreciation for and Showing a compassionate Level two people with special needs…I care for special needs a person’s as well they’re teenagers and I really appreciate this video…And any person that feels and perfect after looking at this video should be so inspired That they will not look at their problem as a problem anymore because of what these purses are going through or have gone through…I believe that the Wounded Warrior Program in the United States of America would be inspired by this is well…….I wish I lived in Switzerland and I would be able to visit your store with Ease…But unfortunately you’re a little bit of a drive away…lol…I pray this catches on and everyone will be inspired to care about and have a little more compassion for those that are suffering or have infirmity…Or are just a little bit different than themselves… Thank you for making a difference in their lives…And everyone’s lives…God bless you!