Bancolombia Insurance Time

It’s time for sorting out insurance now, before the stresses associated with natural disaster, theft and motor accidents. This advertising campaign from Colombia bank Bancolombia presents the concept with a set of three clocks, with hands represented by a twister (home insurance), a theft (property insurance) and a crash (car insurance).

Bancolombia Insurance Twister and Home Insurance Clock

Bancolombia Insurance Crash and Car Insurance Clock
Bancolombia Insurance Theft and Business Insurance Clock


The Bancolombia Insurance time campaign was developed at DDB° Medellín, Colombia, by chief creative officer Rodrigo Bolívar, creative directors Rodrigo Dávila and Marco Muñoz, art director/illustrator Mauricio Cortés, art directors Daniel Calle, Juan Espitia, Oscar Martínez, Adrián Arroyave, copywriters Juan Arboleda and Andrés Estrada, illustrator Daniel Arciniegas, 3D producer Juan García at Vita, executive directors Hamilton Peña and Felipe López.

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