Back to Vinyl – The Office Turntable

Kontor, a dance music label in Germany, promoted the new Boris Dlugosch release to the advertising industry with “Back to Vinyl – The Office Turntable”. Targeting the world’s most un-impressible audience, agency creative directors, required a fresh approach to avoid having promo CDs passed on their secretaries or, more often, just binned. Orange vinyl discs were sent instead of CD, MP3 or USB together with a turntable made from the envelope, and a QR code to play it. Recipients just had to flip the envelope, put the disc on the ‘turntable’, activate the QR code with their smart phone, place it over the record and listen to the new track. They could also play other tracks, or contact Kontor via the connect icon. The project won a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Back to Vinyl Office Record

Back to Vinyl Smartphone

Back to Vinyl Hand


The Back to Vinyl campaign was developed at Ogilvy Deutschland (OgilvyOne Frankfurt and OgilvyAction Düsseldorf) by chief creative officer Stephan Vogel, executive creative director/copywriter Martin Seele, executive creative director Uwe Jacob, art directors Klaus-Martin Michaelis and art director Tobias Von Aesch, copywriter Mike Bayfield, creative assistant Daniel Siegel, junior art director Esra Bueyuekdoganay, technical director Jens Steffen, account manager Annika Hake, head of project management Hanna Von Schultz, awards coordinator Toma Soare.

Audio video support was by Matthias Rewig, NHB Studios, Düsseldorf.

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