Astronaut Valentines Day and more

Unilever is continuing its AXE and Lynx Astronaut advertising campaign with “Axe Astronaut Valentines Day”, a commercial featuring a gift exchange between the mysterious astronaut and his girlfriend. Axe and Lynx are sending someone to space. And when that someone comes back, there are a lot of things they won’t have to do any more… See the earlier ads from the Apollo campaign, including Fireman and Lifeguard (shown during the Super Bowl), and read on to see Valentine’s Day, Night Out, Nice Wheels, Bathroom, Compliment and Visor.

Valentines Day Astronaut

The astronaut in the kitchen responds to the sentimental offer of a romantically wrapped parcel with an off-this-world gift. An astronaut never has to find the perfect gift.

In “Night Out” we’re reminded an astronaut never has to brag.

In “Nice Wheels” we’re reminded an astronaut never has to worry about his ride.

In “Bathroom” an astronaut never has to put the toilet seat down.

In “Compliment” we’re reminded an astronaut never has to say the right thing.

In “Visor” we’re reminded an astronaut never has to wear shades.


The Never Has To campaign was developed at TMW, London, by creatives Luke Clark, Alex King and Graeme Noble.

Filming was shot by Charlie P via Mind’s Eye Media, London.

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