Anthon Berg The Generous Upgrader

Danish chocolate manufacturer Anthon Berg wanted to sample their chocolate at Copenhagen Airport and at the same time demonstrate their philosophy of generosity. A special machine was designed to upgrade airline passengers with different amounts of chocolate, depending on how bad their airline seat is. The worse the seat, the more generous the chocolate upgrade. Specially designed softfware uses the information held within individual boarding passes and combines it with data from SeatGuru, a TripAdvisor company that has mapped out seating plans of airlines around the world.

Anthon Berg Upgrader Kiosk

Anthon Berg Upgrader Boarding Pass

Anthon Berg Upgrader Seat 32A

Anthon Berg Upgrader Boarding Pass

Anthon Berg Upgrade your Upgrade Bag


The Upgrader campaign was developed at Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, Copenhagen, by creative director Michael Robert, strategist Søren Christensen, art director Heinrich Vejlgaard, copywriter James Godfrey, digital director Mathias Birkvad, account manager Mette Ingemann Dahl.

Filming was produced at Gobsmack by producer Christina Erritzøe. Digital production was done at Molamil by CTO Jorge Hernandez, senior interactive developer Patrik Svensson, senior developer Martin Dyrby, and graphic designer Abel Martinez.