ANLCI Fight for Literacy

ANLCI (Agence Nationale de Lutte contre l’Illettrisme), a government agency in France, has won awards at Cannes for a print and outdoor advertising campaign designed to highlight levels of illiteracy. Six ads, “New Car”, “Luxury Resort”, “Bikini”, “Dragons”, “Laptop” and “Mascara”, explain that 10 percent of readers won’t realise that the focus is on illiteracy. The campaign won Gold and Silver Press Lion at Cannes.

ANLCI Mascara ad

ANLCI Bikini ad

ANLCI New Car ad

ANLCI Luxury Resort ad

ANLCI Laptop Comptuer ad

ANLCI Dragons ad


The ANLCI Fight For Literacy campaign was developed at DDB Paris by creative director Alexandre Hervé, copywriter Jean-François Bouchet, art director Emmanuel Courteau, art buyers Quentin Moenne Loccoz and Justine Bruneau, account supervisors Jean-Jacques Sebille, Pierre Beffa, Sophie Legent and Kenza Adeïda, working with ANLCI marketing team Hervé Fernandez and Virginie Lamontagne.