Amnesty and The Last Meal

Amnesty International‘s “Last Meal” campaign, winner of a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival 2013, features the last meals of five wrongfully executed men in the United States. For the first time in a century, Puerto Rico was facing the possibility of applying the death penalty to a criminal case. Escalating crime rate was shaking people’s stand against capital punishment Amnesty International convinced James Reynolds to reshoot his “Last Meal” series exclusively depicting the last meals of five wrongfully executed men in the US. The “Strong Message” was then printed on tray liners and placed on fast food restaruant trays in leading food courts.

Last Meal of David Spence

The Restaurant element of the campaign involved opening a restaurant and inviting local news media and the general public. The menu was based on the last meals of five innocent men wrongfully executed. After dinner each guest was presented with the check with a message: “You just had the last meal of an innocent man wrongfully executed. Please show your support against the death penalty by signing our petition.”

Last Meal of Leo Jones

Last Meal of Claude Jones

Last Meal of Ruben Cantu

Amnesty’s goal of signatures supporting the petition to the US Attorney General was reached and surpassed within a month. On April 10th 2013 Puerto Rico’s leading newspaper reported a 57% opposition to the death penalty. On March 23rd 2013 a Puerto Rican Grand Jury declined the death penalty on the federal case against Alexis Candelario. it was the last meal of a wrongfully executed man.


The Last Meals campaign was developed at DDB Latina Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico, by chief creative officer Enrique Renta, creative director Leslie Robles, copywriter Gabriel Ríos, art director José Rivera, account manager Edgardo M Rivera, planner Marisa Pujals, digital project manager Janette Robles

Photographer was James Reynolds.

Filming was shot by director/sound engineer Carlos Garcia via 1/4 Productions with editor Jose Cintrón, producer Ive Negrón, and executive producer Loren Li Ortiz.