Alto Palermo Mamano

Alto Palermo S.A., a real estate company running shopping centres across Argentina, connected up with Mother’s Day (Día de la Madre) with “Mamano”, a commercial featuring a woman handling everything with just one hand. At the end we see what’s happening for the other hand. The Alto Palermo Mamano ad finishes with the tag line: “Un amor que nunca se suelta” (a love that never lets go).

Alto Palermo Mamano  mother and baby

Alto Palermo Mamano Credits

The Alto Palermo Mamano campaign was developed at Young & Rubicam Buenos Aires by creative directors Martín Mercado, Nino Goldberg, Diego Tuya and Darío Rial, art director Martín Stuart, copywriter Alejandro Devoto, general account director Eugenia Slosse, production manager Luis Pompeo, agency producers Diego González and Juan Maidana, account director Ariadna Barcia, executive account director Victoria Rossetti, working with Alto Palermo marketing team Juliana Monsalvo, Laura Dorin, Bárbara Yankelevich, Cristian Stupp.

Filming was shot by director Andrés Salmoyraghi via Rebolucion with executive producers Patricio Alvarez Casado and Ezequiel Ortiz, producer Chino Fernandez. Post production was done at Uda Post. Sound was produced at Portaestudio. Music was produced at Papa Music.