Allstate Apple Mayhem

Allstate, the American insurance company, had to work through its own sense of calamity when the 60 second version of its new Super Bowl ad, Apple, could not be reduced to a 30 second version suitable for airing at the end of the 49ers vs Ravens game in New Orleans. Instead AllState ran an earlier ad, Allstate Flag. The Allstate Apple Forbidden Fruit commercial, the first in a 5-part campaign, casts Mr Mayhem (Dean Winters) as the apple at the centre of the Garden of Eden, sparking thousands of years of disaster.

Allstate Apple Mayhem

Mayhem Events

The apple that caused Adam and Eve to give into temptation
A meteor that lead to the extinction of dinosaurs
The erosion of the ancient Egyption pyramids
The overzealous guard that accidentally caused the Trojan War
The unknown cause of the lean of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
The unknown cause of the crack in the Liberty Bell
The cow that unknowingly kicked over a lantern that lead to the great Chicago fire
The unknown reason why man’s first attempt at flight failed
A random storm that causes a tree to fall on your house
The random guy who found the replacement refs during the 2012 NFL season
The imputus for various auto fender benders

Allstate Apple Credits

The Apple ad was developed at Leo Burnett Chicago by chief creative officer Susan Credle, executive creative director Charley Wickman, creative directors Britt Nolan and Mikal Pittman, art director Christopher Walker, copywriters Alan Shen and Brandan Jenkins, executive producer Tom Keramidas, agency producer Bryan Litman, accountteam Katie Newman, Jason Georgen and Corbett Drummey.

Filming was shot by director Phil Morrison via Epoch Films with director of photography Dariusz Wolski, head of production Jerry Solomon and producer Eric Sedorovitz.

Editor was Matthew Wood at Whitehouse Post with assistant editor Dan Zabinski and producer Laurie Adrianopoli.

Visual effects and telecine were produced at MPC by VFX supervsior Paul O’Shea, executive producer Justin Brukman, producer John Skeffington, 2D lead: Evan Schoonmaker, 3D lead Vicky Osborn, VFX artists Alex Lovejoy, Jesse Spielman, Tonya Smay, Kevin Jones, Martin Boksar, Jackie Liao, Keith McMenamy, Wil Kim, Anderson Ko, Bill Berg, Stu Schwartz, and colorist Adrian Seery.