Airwaves a hit of menthol a moment of calm

A hit of menthol. A moment of calm. That’s the take home from this set of outdoor and print advertisements for Airwaves Menthol and Eucalyptus gum from South Africa. In the chaotic world we live in, the intense, refreshing menthol hit of Airwaves gum is almost like a little moment of calm. It clears your head, and lets you keep on being your cool, calm, collected self, no matter what’s going on around you, on the bus, in the bar, or on the beach after a nasty shipwreck. Four radio ads complete the campaign: “Front Line”, “North Pole”, “Jungle” and “Desert”.

Airwaves Beach print ad

DDB South Africa write about the print/outdoor campaign. “This was a particularly complicated job to execute. We wanted each individual piece of the visuals to tell it’s own story. To do this we needed to shoot everything separately and then comp the pieces together. The Bar shot is composed of 27 different shots. It was a long process but definitely worth it.”

Airwaves Bar print ad

Airwaves Bus print ad

Front LineNorth PoleJungleDesert

Airwaves Moment of Calm Credits

The Airwaves Moment of Calm campaign was developed at DDB South Africa, Johannesburg, by executive creative director Liam Wielopolski, art director Paul Anderson, copywriter Jeff Tyser, agency producer Mun-Ying de Lacey, photographer Sacha Waldman, and sound/music producer Lorens Persson at Sterling Sound.