A Sip of Renuage

Galicia Distillery is promoting their brandy Renuage with, “Sip of Renuage”, a commercial inspired by a journey of taste. The director’s first taste of the brandy during a trip to the distillery has been visualised as a series of sensory moments, where the warmth of the spirit is triggered, then flows into tingles of orange energy on the taste buds, riding in waves and peaks of liquid and bursts of vanilla flowers, landing as accents of walnut. The distillery oak barrels are especially selected across Europe, made from high grade oak.

Sip of Renuage Taste

Sip of Renuage Credits

The Sip of Renuage ad was developed by Galicia Distillery consulting producer Mary Ganzhenko and international marketing director Nadin Demodova.

CGI work was produced at Trizz, Barcelona, by director/visual concept, art director and lead compositor Oriol Puig, executive producer Christopher Vulpi, lead producer Albert Garcia Vila, producer Oriol Vives, art director Evaldas Cesnavicius, FX and simulations lead Gerard Casas, lead 3D Evaldas Cesnavicius, technical director Kepa Casado, concept and storyboard artist Vaquero, compositors/2d artists Marc Teixido, Xavi Pablo.

Music was by Alejandro Candela at Flow Studio.

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