A New Dramatic Surprise

TNT/Turner Broadcasting System Europe has released a sequel to the “Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square” viral hit in a push to promote programming in The Netherlands. “Dramatic Surprise on a Cold Winter’s Day” shows the famous red button placed on shopping street in Dordrecht. As soon as someone pushes the button spectacular TNT events are unleashed, inspired by TNT shows alling Skies, Memphis Beat, Southland, Killing Time, Satisfaction, and In Plain Sight.

Dramatic Surprise Push to add drama

Pushing the Drama button reveals a sniper on a roof, a ruthless kidnapping, and a series of explosions. Click on the image below to play the video.

Dramatic Surprise Credits

The Drama Button campaign was developed at Duval Guillaume Modem by creative directors Katrien Bottez and Geoffrey Hantson, art director Ad Van Ongeval, copywriter Dieter De Ridder, agency producer Marc Van Buggenhout, account team Dimitri Mundorff, Tuyen Pham Xuan, planners Maarten Van Herck and Kris Hoet, working with TNT/Turner Broadcasting System Europe marketing team Arnaldo Smet and Malgosia Chapman.

Filming was shot by director Koen Mortier via Czar with director of photography Norman Baert, camera operators Gery Goebanks, Herman Wolfs, Christophe Nuyens, Jef Vandelangebergh, Sven Jouckes (Viewmasters), special effects supervisor Harry en Rick Wiessenhaan, production designer Genaro Rosato (Jelier & Schaaf), stylist Ingrid Schagen, make up artist Niels Wahlers, location scout Roy Van Rosmalen (SigfrietenRoi). Sound was designed by Senjan Jansen at Senstudio.

Post production was done at Het Digitaal Geweld by editor Manu Van Hove, executive producer Eurydice Gysel, producers Lander Engels and Pavel Ananich. Sound was designed by sound engineers Marc Engels and Thomas Gastinel.

Stunt work was done by Stuntteam De Beukelaer, led by stunt coordinator Marco Maas.