Zombie Voters

The dead are sometimes more enthusiastic in voting than the living. In the Philippines, one form of electoral cheating is using a dead person’s name to vote, resulting in cases where votes by the “living dead” outnumber the votes that are casted by actual living voters. Campaigns Social Response, the corporate social responsibility unit of Campaigns & Grey, has rolled out ‘Zombie’ to encourage Filipinos to exercise their rights to vote, and be vigilant about electoral cheating, illustrated by zombie voters – dead people whose names are used in order to rig or manipulate the number of votes. Senator Koko Pimentel appears at the end to drive the message home.

Zombie Voter

Zombie Voters Credits

The Voter Registration Public Service Initiative campaign was developed at Campaigns & Grey | Campaigns Social Response (CSR), Manila, by group chair Yoly Ong, chief creative officer Ompong Remigio, CSR managing director Rocky Tirona, creative director Mon Pineda, associate creative director Bunny Vivero, account director Michelle Pascual, account manager Baba Escueta.

Filming was shot by director Joel Ruiz via Arkeofilms with producer Tracy Sarte, director of photography Ike Avellana, editor Lawrence Ang, colorist Julo Quinto, prosthetics/makeup artist Leila Baun.

Audio production was done at Hit Productions by CEO Salito Malca, chief technology officer Dennis Cham, music arranger Vince de Jesus, sound editor Regie Ambast.